Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

We're not socially awkward, but it's okay if you are though. It's part of your charm!

Social Media Marketing is important because it places your brand where your customers are. Plus, the costs of marketing on social media is better compared many other methods. With our knowledge and experience from being on social since our youth, plus taking a few classes, we can make sure that your business looks great, has a positive rep, responsive to your customers, and of course, selling more stuff.

Front of Mind

Short memories means consistent content.

Showcase Your Product

Present your goods in a fun, interesting, and informative way.


Talk to your customers and be approachable as a brand.

Smart Savvy Social

Make content that educates, entertains, and motivates customers to purchase.

Here's how we can help...

Consultation– Okay, what we will do assess where your business is currently functioning, or, create your accounts if you don’t have them. We will let you know where your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities are. We will also inform you of integrations, which is a semi-fancy word for how different platforms talk to each other and other technological advantages that you can use to be a social butterfly.

Planning– Yes, we automate. We use software and millennial social media instincts to post your content most effective time and place based on your customer’s behavior. The information is out there, and we use it.

Reputation Management– We will live in a troll society. (See definition below). That means your brand is more exposed to negativity, and since there is so much competition, you cannot afford to have negativity go unaddressed, as potential customers will go somewhere else on 1st glance. We respond to them appropriately and specific to your business personality. We also make sure that you look good across the world wide web

Troll- Someone who seeks attention by being negative online to inspire a reaction. This person may not even believe the stuff that they write but will get a kick out of making people mad. Yes, they will do it your business!

Don’t be left behind!

Business and marketing methods change constantly as technology, consumer data, and techniques are created to give customers a better experience.

Be marketing smarter

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