Social Media and Politics. First Thing’s First

I have found that campaigns tend to initially view social media or digital marketing as more of a bother than a tool. However, this tool is something wonderful and magical. Never in history could an individual create their own media, control their own image, create their own narrative, and gather people together around an idea. […]

Social Media Strategies, Simplified for Rookies

First off, It can be a lot. I just thought I’d share some information I presented a group of businesses that were starting out. If you’re in this boat, then read on. Hope it helps! Social media has become an ever increasing part a small business marketing strategy. This is because it mostly levels the […]

Digital Marketing No-No:Eggs in One Basket!

So, you are an Instagram Superstar. You have worked so hard to create a brand, post daily content, and get a Kajillion followers. You have used that Instagram account to build traffic to your online store and sales are booming. Then you wake up on a beautiful Monday morning, birds chirping, sweet sunshine filling your […]