Communications: Do they understand the words that are coming out of your mouth?

When we speak, we take the listener on a journey. That’s what the best storytellers do. We always remember what a good storyteller says, or at least we remember the storyteller. A good storyteller drives our wonder and curiosity into a well-timed payoff. Some are natural, others take practice. It is human nature to believe […]

Social Media Strategies, Simplified for Rookies

First off, It can be a lot. I just thought I’d share some information I presented a group of businesses that were starting out. If you’re in this boat, then read on. Hope it helps! Social media has become an ever increasing part a small business marketing strategy. This is because it mostly levels the […]

Silicon Valley: The most nerdy and interesting crash course in business.

I’ve seen the ads for the HBOnow app for months. I’m not a huge TV guy but boredom enticed me into the trial, and after seeing what the big deal was about Game of Thrones (overrated), I stumbled upon Silicon Valley. I was hooked! Storytelling and clever plot developments usually make me love a show, […]